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Our first try at Entertaining

It was Magali's 30th birthday this month and she wanted to have her party in France so what better opportunity to try out our house as a venue!

We left London early on Saturday morning to arrive in to have a couple of hours before people started arriving. Her parents set up marquee in the building we cleared and we helped set up tables and chairs from the house. Magali’s mum then decorated the tables and put up bunting. We put up solar fairy lights so they could get the sun before the evening and started making the punch.

People started arriving and we had a great party with around 40 friends and family. The property was really great to host so many people.

We also got to try out our brand new BBQ which was very exciting. It seems to work well and the food was delicious.

We were there for a few more days so managed to do a little work. We cleared one of the ruined buildings from vines and weeds, we couldn’t do it all though as the stones were falling and it became dangerous. We also tidied the back of the house, so we’ve now completed all sides directly surrounding the house. Ferenc and I pulled up the rest of the black plastic in front of the garage that we had started last time so it’s now looking much tidier and access is much easier.

In front of the garage Back of the house The ruins

After all the hard work, we decided to go out for dinner to celebrate Magali’s birthday, and chose the Michelin starred restaurant Auberge de la Diligence, a 10mins drive from the house. The food is out of this world and one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The restaurant itself is beautiful and the staff are great, they all speak English so was I happy to have that option as my French still isn’t great. I’m so happy to have such a great restaurant so close to the house!

We had a great time short week at the house but we’re sad that it’s going to be a while before we can return and continue the work we’ve started.


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