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A Unique Stay

Our beautiful and cozy Tiny House is truly a unique place to stay. The huge French window brings light and offers a view of the outside that makes you feel like you're a part of it. Placed in a remote spot, you’ll have the opportunity to slow down, appreciate the little things and soak in the peaceful countryside.

Catherine and Magali

Catherine and Magali from the Le Boulay Team


Made of wood with natural colours, it combines traditional and modern, from the way it’s been built to all the optimised storage space. The huge French window brings light and offers a view of the outside as if you were out there, allowing you to blend into your surroundings. A moment when time presses the pause button for you and you can finally rest and disconnect.

The Tiny House has a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom so that you can be independent if you wish to. The mezzanine (accessible by stairs) has a double bed and a baby bed can be added if needed, while the sofa downstairs folds out into a double bed for extra guests. The dry toilet (using wooden chips as flush) is easy to use and the used water from shower and kitchen go to our reed beds for filtering, everything goes back to our garden and landscape at some point.

To make this stay uniquely yours, once you've selected your dates in the form below and pressed the book button, you'll be able to add extras to enjoy during your stay, for example, a hot English breakfast, a continental breakfast or a homemade picnic. The prices indicated are per person per meal. See our FAQs for more information about what's in each breakfast.


Gift cards are also available, contact us for more details.

If you wish to stay in La Tiny Kiwi in order to tryout your future lifestyle before buying or building your own Tiny House, please contact us before booking.

If you have any questions, see our FAQs, our Contact page or email us at

For details on the materials used or the technical details, visit Baluchon's website.

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