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«As we cultivate soil, we cultivate water»

- Michaël Monziès

As you might have seen, we have been pretty silent lately, well the whole year, since our last blog was in June 2021!

More than a year without writing an article! Yeah yeah, time flies, what an excuse! I wanted to write to you like a hundred times, and all stories would come to my mind at night when in bed, then in the morning I was up for a busy day with routine work and more duties on my list.

Today I reach for my pen (ok my Microsoft Word 2007), and I have absolutely no idea where to start. Obviously, if I start telling you all what you missed by date from the past year you might be pissed and rather watch the Queen’s funeral. But today, in Le Boulay, I welcomed Michaël Monziès. How do you not know the man, he is a superstar! Ok maybe not, but he could be!

Michaël, to really sum up, is a former farmer, now retiring landscaper specialised in water oxygenation, he handcrafts fountains, and teaches students and adults in Biodynamic, and way more since 30 years. We went and met him near Vierzon last year in his workshop and home Les jardins d’eaux vives, where he creates the vasques (water basins). He has a huge outdoor which you can visit, and he practices permaculture. We have chosen to work with his help to transform our pond, and since our visit in his gardens, or should I say forest (which he created from scratch), I have had dreams dancing through my head.

The bad news is our pond won’t be done this year like we wanted to. But the good news is that it will be truly amazing to be helped by Michaël for this project. And the even better news is that, as soon as I meet him, I feel fulfilled with happiness and hope. This man breathes out wellbeing, compassion, spirituality, nature and knowledge, basically, he is a wise master, but more talkative than Mr Miyagi!

So without going through the details in this article of our future pond, or our works or what we accomplished etc, and because Catherine has been away for more than a month now (and that’s another story), I suddenly feel the need to write again, now. And All I want is to make you a list of the things that make me happy here in Le Boulay, oh and they are all small things in a messy order…

-Being in the house and see a tit do a static fly on the window to watch us (of course she watches us, I don’t see any other reason they would do that for).

- Watch the bees from our hive and stay hypnotised so you lose total track of time.

-Watch my plants grow (even though it is so slow it’s infuriating)

-Have a walk with my cats following me, then start running like crazy altogether. When we are crazy we all are together.

- Feeling great in the house full of wood around us and see our works evolving with time

-Welcoming a lot of beautiful people, enthusiastic and full of projects for a better future.

- Watch our beautiful tiny house, and even better, be inside, sit and do nothing but watch around and stop thinking.

-Watch a beautiful flower, then see an insect land on it, start working on it then leave.

-Be with family and friends again

-Share a good beer or something else in the garden.

-Watch the ducks run to follow me (or the can of corn in my hands, same thing).

-That’s very new, but watching our two alpacas gallop in the field, it’s exceptional.

-Making a fire in the winter (either in the stove or a firecamp!)

There are many other of these small things, mostly when we have animals around. And you? Is there one of these things or something else that makes you totally happy you changed your life? Or just totally happy you have the life you have in general?

Of course, everything is not always pretty and beautiful in Le Boulay. We did, and still do have hard times lately too… Let’s not hide it, times have been hard on us, sometimes complicated, whether it was our fault or not. We learn, we get through it, and we carry on (yes keep calm whatever…) But mostly, let’s not forget what made us move here and made us vibrate at the beginning. Do not forget the most important.

So thank you Michaël for the fresh air you brought me, the totally new perspective you gave me on Le Boulay, with many ideas. And thank you to the family and friends who have helped us lately (physically and emotionally), before Catherine comes back. Catherine, who is the main reason we are here in Le Boulay ☺

Take care !


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