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How To Make a Hornet Trap

It's now summer and that brings with it a lot of unwanted flying things including the super scary European Hornet. The queen is absolutely massive and they eat/attack bees, which we don't want at all, especially now that we have the hive. There's also the Asian Hornet which is very bad for bees and other pollinators.

So, we decided to make a Hornet Trap to try and reduce their population. Uncle Hubert had one that was pretty effective so we stole his design as well as a couple of his plastic bottles since we don't tend to buy anything in plastic these days if we can help it.

Step 1. Take two plastic bottles and a cutter. Cut the first plastic bottle about a third of the way down from the cap

Step 2. Take the second bottle and cuttle it a third of the way from the bottom

Step 3. Remove the cap from the small top and place it inside the other bottle which still had a cap

Step 4. Make a hole on either side that goes through both bottles and tie a string through one of the holes

Step 5. Take the other bottle and cut lengthways to create a cover for trap and tie in place on the one side that's already attached

Step 6. Use the string you've already attached to hang in a good spot and tie through all three layers of plastic. Pour in your bait (we've tried cola with sugar and fat, we're currently trying Panache but you can also use Beer which is what we'll try next if we still have no success!)

Et Voila!


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