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Prep work

We're not far from our Working Bee now so Magali has gone to France to start the preparations. I would love to have gone with her but alas, I was unable to get the leave from work.

She has been keeping me updated with her work and sending pics of how it's looking and now I can't wait to get started!

I've put together just some of what's she's done and the amount she's done in just a week is great, I'm so proud of her and what's she's accomplished.

Her main focus was one of the bedrooms where our friends will be staying when they come for the Working Bee. The walls were very warn, with lots of holes and it wasn't the most inviting. There was still a lot of stuff left in it that had to be cleared so Magali got started on removing it all and giving it a clean.

Once it was empty, the radiator was removed and Magali filled the holes in the walls, sanded and painted so it's really starting to come together.

The radiator was pretty rusty and full of spiderwebs. Magali cleaned it up, sanded it down and painted it so now it looks great. We discussed colours over Facebook, sharing what each other liked until we found the wonderfully named Anthracite.

Her dad helped her put it back in the room and now it's ready for the guests! Less than a week to go now, we can't wait!


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