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Le Boulay


Welcome to Le Boulay, our peaceful place in the French countryside. When we first moved here, I never thought I would become a farmer and be selling the food we grow. But that's life isn't it? We have to learn and adapt, just like nature does, and by working with nature we can create something amazing.


Magali from Le Boulay B&B Farm


Just outside of Le Bourg D'Iré, in the Anjou Bleu, lies the little farm of Le Boulay. We've recently restored our home and are in the process of transforming our land. We work with the seasons and permaculture methods in order to preserve the existing ecosystem of our gardens.

You can visit our farm, buy our products, or stay and experience Tiny House living in our little corner of paradise.


Time to press the pause button and really disconnect? Looking for a decluttered space to work or concentrate on yourself again? Then La Tiny Kiwi awaits you! Take a night, a week, or even longer to get away from the routine and remember how to appreciate the little things in life, either alone or together with family or friends.

If you prefer all the comforts (plus added extras) or you just want to experience life in a Tiny House as if it were yours, then click the book button to find out more or contact us and we’ll adapt your stay to make it uniquely yours.


For the last few years, we've been blogging about our journey. From when we bought Le Boulay, through the restoration of the main house, and into the future.

Have a read to find out what we've done, what our plans are and what we're working on. There's always lots to do so we're constantly updating it with new stories.


If you can’t visit us just yet, our gallery has a lot of great photos for you to enjoy.


You can see our gardens, the work we've done or the experiments we've tried out, our amazing Tiny House, La Tiny Kiwi, and what the surrounding area of Anjou Bleu has to offer.



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