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How to build a Letterbox in France

Did you know that a mailbox in France has to be particular dimensions and there's really only one style you can have? Like an ugly square metal box that everyone has, just in different colours. I recently learnt this when Magali and I were looking to buy one as ours was very small and not on a post at all, making it very difficult for our Postie. They were all bad ecological ratings and super expensive (cheapest was c. €30, ranging up to c. €90!). I wasn't having that so decided to build our own using wood and slates we had around our house, plus screws, nails and paint we already had. The only thing we bought was a couple of nail brackets and a new saw as the one we had broke when I was using it.

It took longer than expected but I'm happy to say that we now have a unique and branded letterbox ready to receive our post!

Step 1. Gather wood

Step 2. Put together the bottom and the sides, fill all gaps, then paint

Step 3. Make a roof out of wood and fill gaps (don't attach just yet)

Step 4. Cut and attach slates to said roof (try not to use too many or else it's quite heavy)

Step 5. Using a stencil, add logos

Step 6. Attach roof to sides using (slightly adjusted) nail brackets

Step 7. Make a hole, put in the pole and attach the box to the pole using 90degree nail brackets

Et Voila!


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