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Flying Visit

We arrived Wednesday morning and went to the house in the late afternoon. We sorted a few things and looked around before going to Hubert’s and staying for dinner. We didn’t sleep at the house as it still has no insulation, so the onset of Autumn had made the house very cold and we thought it better to sleep at Châteaubriant.

We arrived Thursday afternoon to have some lunch and started working on the garage. We had been using it as a storage for some of the furniture we had already removed from the house and it was starting to be very full. We managed to do quite a bit before Marc, our architect, arrived for our meeting. He took us through the initial draft and his thoughts on it. It gave us a lot to think about so after he left, we walked around the house discussing ideas and what we’d talked about. We continued working on the garage for a bit before heading back to Châteaubriant for dinner.

Magali had an early appointment in the morning at the podiatrist so we got up early and headed to Chantepie. Afterwards, we made the short drive to Rennes to meet Katy and Kevin (Magali’s cousin and boyfriend) to spend the day being tourists in the city and catching up. It’s a lovely old town, with amazing architecture and history, we had a great day.

On Saturday, Magali had to go back to the podiatrist, so we went before doing some shopping, a bit for us, a bit for the house, as well as yummy French treats to take back to London. We went to the house in the afternoon to continue cleaning the garage as well as unpacking some things we’d brought from London. We also had an appointment with the builder of the assainissement, he was very nice and happy with everything so all we need to do is set a date in Spring for him to start. We tidied up and got ready as we were all heading to Francoise and Philip’s house for a family dinner. It was a great evening but I grew restless due to the early starts and it began to be hard to focus on listening to French so we left earlier than Magali would have liked.

We got up early again on Sunday so we could pack before going to the house to finish as much as we could in the garage as well as tidying and cleaning the house. The trip had gone far too quickly and it was already time to head back to London. As things are starting to progress, it’s getting harder and harder to leave each time as we just want to keep working on it, it’s such a shame to not be there all the time. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we return and get to keep working on our dream house.


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